One Last StART (In Black And White, That Is…)

No shave, but a haircut.

No shave, but a haircut.

A few final B&W Film shots from StART On The Street. I promise! More of my favorites…


Getting ready to perform.


Banging on the bongos.


Interactive demonstrations from the folks at The Ecotarium.


I think they represented a special interest group.


Is that a Dixie Cup on my head?


Big strings.

I’ve been very busy trying to learn Lightroom 5 and Windows 8, while reconfiguring two PC’s. Rarely, I do post digital shots. About as often as I shoot digitally, which these days, is not often. Once I get Lightroom somewhat figured out, maybe I will get a few up.

A Fresh StART



Or, is it? I hope this images from last Sunday’s StART on the Street are not becoming redundant by now. But seriously, there were almost too many fun ones, like above, not to choose. As you can see from the joy in the faces of participants and volunteers, there was true joy, and a near perfect day. You know the camera, and the film.


Buying, selling, and volunteers.

Lots of buying and selling, up and down the street. Jewelry, art, and handmade items, all very popular.


Ready to spin.

I do think these guys were also here last year. I got action shots with the D300 and 70-200. But as portraiture was more what I wanted for film, really pleased with the results. I think the 135mm was the lens for the shot above.


Roller Derby in full force.

I think roller derby was absent in the spring, due to street incurred injuries. A much smaller “track” than in years past, maybe to minimize the potential of injury. But, still tons of fun.


Helmuting Up

I think the 105mm was the glass that was on for the above shot. Only because if it was the 135, it would have been much too tight and close up.


Artisans selling jewelry.

The 135 was definitely used here.


Believe it or not, his suit/hat is orange.

And here. This guy shows up in many of my digital shots as well. Love the bokeh, and the gradual background out of focus look, with the subjects in sharp focus.

StART’ing Back Up

Some more favorite shots from this past Sunday’s StART On The Street. Once again, the Nikon F3HP, and Kodak BW400CN, developed in  the C-41 process. Nikkor 35, 50, 105, and 135mm lenses.

There were indeed many street performers with musical instruments in the sidewalks, alongside the event. This gentleman, with his guitar, and harmonica. Case open for donations-


Strumming For Cash

I think this woman was like the Hula Hoop guru-


More Hoops

This was one of my favorite shots with the 35mm lens. As mentioned on an earlier blog entry, I think it is more of a normal focal length than 50mm. Not to say that is not also a great length- it is. But, there is something magical about a 35 when you get down to ground level. Here, some volunteers, making the rounds before things get started-


Getting ready for cleanup.

Of course, there is always time for chatting, and making new friends:

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

These folks had some great photos. Not sure which group/cause they were from:



Speaking of smiles, this was one of the more blinding ones from the day!


Metal Material And Arts

Finally, speaking of metal, how about a little fencing and swords? Higgins Armory was a pleasant site. This, in their last year. I think they are closing in December. Good thing this was such a perfect day. Those outfits do look rather warm.



Still searching for that favorite ‘money shot”, and still really hard-pressed to find it. I love them all so far.

A Fresh StART – StART On The Street, Fall, 2013

I brought a lot of gear Sunday to the Fall edition of StART on the Street, Worcester’s biannual street art festival. As I have mentioned previously, it truly is street photography heaven. Having just received my Nikon F3 back from a shutter braking adjustment, as well as a winder retorque, it seemed the perfect choice for the day’s film shooting. Another good reason? Fast, easy lens changeout and swapping out on the fly. No need to index lenses and do the “Nikon Shuffle”, like on the F Photomic FtN, or the F2S- true auto indexing. I brought a whole bag of Nikkor glass- the 28, 35, 50, 105, and 135mm. Of those, the 28 was the only lens I didn’t use. My film of choice, once again, Kodak BW400CN. The day really seemed to lend itself to being upclose and personal. I love street photography with a passion, and these festivals are an opportunity to indulge, without having subjects ask why you are photographing them. Here, they welcome it.

Back on Park Ave, in front of Elm Park, which is in the midst of an extensive makeover and renovation, some of the activity even extended back into the park itself, which is the first time I have seen it used that way. For example, the performer below was up on a platform, right in the park itself.

Voices carried loudly in Elm Park.

Voices carried loudly in Elm Park.

There was plenty of interactive opportunity for spectators walking the street, including Hula Hoops-

Trying a hula hoop out.

Trying a Hula Hoop out.

The toddlers had their own area to play in, giving them lots to do. The 105 f/2.3 truly is the greatest portrait lens Nikon has ever produced-


Blocks and boxes for the kids to play with.

There were lots and lots of artisans selling their work, and volunteers all up and down the street-

Time out for a nice cold soda.

Time out for a nice cold soda, and some laughs.

This gentleman was here last year, I am wondering if he remembered my F3, which he had admired. I really tried to photograph performers and onlookers in natural ways, but he seemed to almost pose. This taken with the 135mm f/2.8 Ai-

Hey, I remember you!

Hey, I remember you!

There was a whole busload of really hot vintage clothes. Retro seemed ideal for the event. The 35mm f/2.8 Ai, with its virtually distortion free optics, worked to perfection-

Haberdash Vintage

Haberdash Vintage

A different approach to fundraising. The letters below, as they stood in the park, each had a slot for donations. As they kept blowing down from the slight breeze, the idea was to fill them up with money, allowing this wonderful event to continue and evolve.

Fill those letters up with cash!

Fill those letters up with cash!

I also shot digitally, with the D300 and 70-200mm f/2.8. But, after going through the negatives here, the problem, like in digital, is, how do you select the best shots? No idea where to StART.


Morning Moon over The Printer's Building, Portland Street.

Morning moon over The Printer’s Building, Portland Street.

The Nikon F2/35mm f/2.8 Nikkor/BW400CN combo is just too good to resist revisiting. What became one of my favorite shots of the morning downtown was one of the first on the roll. That is the moon between Worcester’s historic Painter’s Building, and the lamppost. Maybe it was good light, great film, or, both. The sky, once again, exposed the way it should be, and even without filtering, not blown out.

This roll has inspired me so much, in fact, that I now have six rolls of it in the fridge. The 50% off sale at CVS certainly does not hurt. Yes, your mileage may vary, but CVS’s in my area are now selling Kodak BW400CN at 50% 0ff. And it is indeed fresh film. I found one store that had short dated film, but the stuff I have scooped up has expirations of June, 2014.

Major Taylor, America's first African-American sports superstar. from Worcester, Taylor raced under the colors of the Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. And was a world champion racer.

Major Taylor, America’s first African-American sports superstar. from Worcester. Taylor raced under the colors of the Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and was a world champion racer.

I have made several efforts at photographing this inspiring work of art, with some good light. Morning seems to be the time. This, at about a quarter after 8. The shadows really give the figure of Major Taylor lifelike dimension.

Vintage doorway on Green Street.

Vintage doorway on Green Street.

Contrast abound. The lights of the brick, the dark tones of the door. Guessing a digital camera, with the somewhat limited dynamic range, would come back with blown highlights in the brick areas. But to me, there is no comparison with regards to the ability to render both accurately.

I got a lot of "money shots' on this roll. This walkway to the library is always a great spot to shoot- wide, or, telephoto.

I got a lot of “money shots’ on this roll. This walkway to the library is always a great spot to shoot- wide, or, telephoto.

Also on full display above is the capability to show detail in the shadows, while still showing detail in the sun soaked buildings to the right. Unless you are into the whole “post processing” workflow, the RAW digital image would be really challenged to capture both. Not sure if this would be a light meter issue, or the limitations of dynamic range itself. Guessing the later, as light meters really have come a long way. But for a 40 year old camera? Love it.

Memorial on Green Street.

Memorial on Green Street.

This makeshift memorial to a fallen teen really was sad to see up close. A beautiful floral arrangement.

Delta House – More Ilford Delta 100 Professional Shots

The new face of Fitchburg State University- Hammond Hall.

The new face of Fitchburg State University- Hammond Hall.

This roll of Ilford Delta 100 Professional was exposed exactly a year ago to the date of this article. Another one of those “why didn’t I develop it sooner?” moments. The event was Fitchburg State’s moving in, and the first every day use of the new Hammond Hall, a multi million dollar addition and functional facelift to the Hammond Building, which has long had that 1960’s industrial look. Following the lead of modern academic architecture, this hall makes great use of glass and open spaces, while taking full advantage of the existing structure. Shot with the Nikon FE-2, and 35mm Nikkor F/2.8.

Through the front doors of Hammond Hall.

Through the front doors of Hammond Hall.

The use of 100 speed film was indeed limiting, but, made for some great contrast.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Brighter scenes really worked out much better. I am guessing the above area will now be where annual student Communications/Media displays, such as “Visions”, will be presented.

Students finding their way around the new halls.

Students finding their way around the new halls.

There is the new student bookstore, commuter dining halls, study areas adjacent to the library, study areas. The university really has a wonderful new addition. The above shot really highlights the geometry and open feeling of the hall.