A Fresh StART – StART On The Street, Fall, 2013

I brought a lot of gear Sunday to the Fall edition of StART on the Street, Worcester’s biannual street art festival. As I have mentioned previously, it truly is street photography heaven. Having just received my Nikon F3 back from a shutter braking adjustment, as well as a winder retorque, it seemed the perfect choice for the day’s film shooting. Another good reason? Fast, easy lens changeout and swapping out on the fly. No need to index lenses and do the “Nikon Shuffle”, like on the F Photomic FtN, or the F2S- true auto indexing. I brought a whole bag of Nikkor glass- the 28, 35, 50, 105, and 135mm. Of those, the 28 was the only lens I didn’t use. My film of choice, once again, Kodak BW400CN. The day really seemed to lend itself to being upclose and personal. I love street photography with a passion, and these festivals are an opportunity to indulge, without having subjects ask why you are photographing them. Here, they welcome it.

Back on Park Ave, in front of Elm Park, which is in the midst of an extensive makeover and renovation, some of the activity even extended back into the park itself, which is the first time I have seen it used that way. For example, the performer below was up on a platform, right in the park itself.

Voices carried loudly in Elm Park.

Voices carried loudly in Elm Park.

There was plenty of interactive opportunity for spectators walking the street, including Hula Hoops-

Trying a hula hoop out.

Trying a Hula Hoop out.

The toddlers had their own area to play in, giving them lots to do. The 105 f/2.3 truly is the greatest portrait lens Nikon has ever produced-


Blocks and boxes for the kids to play with.

There were lots and lots of artisans selling their work, and volunteers all up and down the street-

Time out for a nice cold soda.

Time out for a nice cold soda, and some laughs.

This gentleman was here last year, I am wondering if he remembered my F3, which he had admired. I really tried to photograph performers and onlookers in natural ways, but he seemed to almost pose. This taken with the 135mm f/2.8 Ai-

Hey, I remember you!

Hey, I remember you!

There was a whole busload of really hot vintage clothes. Retro seemed ideal for the event. The 35mm f/2.8 Ai, with its virtually distortion free optics, worked to perfection-

Haberdash Vintage

Haberdash Vintage

A different approach to fundraising. The letters below, as they stood in the park, each had a slot for donations. As they kept blowing down from the slight breeze, the idea was to fill them up with money, allowing this wonderful event to continue and evolve.

Fill those letters up with cash!

Fill those letters up with cash!

I also shot digitally, with the D300 and 70-200mm f/2.8. But, after going through the negatives here, the problem, like in digital, is, how do you select the best shots? No idea where to StART.


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