Member, PHSNE

Member, PHSNE

Arthur Smith is a published photographer, and member of The Photographic Historical Society of New England. His work has appeared in advertising campaigns for Fenway Franks, a Kayem Foods brand, and was featured on three billboards at Fenway Park, Boston Massachusetts. His photography has been published on the cover of Discover Fitchburg, and in features of The Johnny Appleseed Guide. He has done not-for-profit work for Community Health Connections, a member of the University of Massachusetts Medical system. An image Arthur took of The Korean War Memorial in Worcester, MA has also appeared in an Apple iPhone application. His photography has been featured in Nikonian.org’s Nikonian News Flash, as well as in an ad campaign for Calumet Photo. Arthur graduated cum laude from Fitchburg State University, B.Sc. Communications & Media, and served an elected term on the university’s Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Arthur loves all things Polaroid. But tools from Nikon, Hasselblad, and Canon are also used on occasion. He has too many cameras to count.



14 thoughts on “About

  1. Just stumbled upon your website and am both fascinated and intrigued by your use of light and focus. It is amazing how you bring to life what are common and ordinary things, like gas price signs, street signs, and storefronts, making them true works of art. I wish I was as skilled behind the camera as you. Fantastic!

    • Thanks. My question, though- what happens to the current/voltage that the internal batteries, assuming they still have life, inside the pack? It is a great idea in theory, but, maybe almost too much “jumping through hoops”? Polaroid photography never has been. or likely will be thought of, as “green”!


    • Thank you- I do still shoot Polaroid, but lately am loving Hasselblad photography. I do shoot digitally on occasion as well. To me, digital never replaced film- different tools, for different purposes. Appreciate you stopping by! -Arthur

  2. Hi Arthur,

    Stumbled across your blog some months back, and keep checking occasionally – always something interesting to read! Take care.

    • Thank you- I have taken a long hiatus. With the painfully cold New England winter bearing down on us, and the holidays out of the way, my hope is to publish more of what I shot last summer and fall. Appreciate you stopping by.

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