Why I Am Suspending This Blog

A lot has changed recently, including the sad news that FujiFilm unceremoniously ended production of color pack instant film. Sure, Dr. Florian Kaps is over there in Japan, hopelessly negotiating with Fuji. Does anyone else suffer from Impossible Project, Kickstarter, crowd funding fatigue? I know I do. Yet another format, rendered defunct and useless.

Posting photographs online used to be fun. Not anymore. Within seconds, good, bad, indifferent, people comment on the photos. Speed has replaced thoughtful comments and critiquing. The Internet, Facebook, social media, and smartphones are to blame for this disturbing trend.

Give someone an iPhone, and they think they are now Ansel Adams. Really? Have you ever looked closely at the awful pixel density and quality (ie poor quality) that a smartphone camera produces? They are horrendous.

Happy shooting.

2 thoughts on “Why I Am Suspending This Blog

  1. I am looking to get in contact with you in regards to one of your pictures. I work for Haffners and saw your work in a trade magazine of one of our older signs in Lowell. I am compiling some historical data and images of the company over the years and would like to talk to you about the one I have seen and if you have anything else pertaining to Haffners.

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