“Get Him To The Greek”

Beautiful ceiling inside St. Spyridon.

Beautiful ceiling inside St. Spyridon.

Every summer, Worcester’s historic Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral hosts their annual Grecian Festival. This was the first year I’ve been. Assuming an outdoor event was in the works maybe behind the church, I arrived with the Hasselblad and a magazine loaded up with Ilford Delta 100. After about a week of pounding rain, the weather cleared out nicely. I did also pack some TriX. Oops!

The event was mainly held indoors, in a massive tent behind the church, and inside the cathedral itself. Thankfully, I had my trusty Vivitar flash, and a flash sync cable fitted with a Hasselblad connection. This would have to rescue me inside the church. It did, as did Rodinal semi-stand development after the fact.

The Altar

The Altar

The Vivitar has a great little sensing window that does distance calculation, and returns the information back to the flash, essentially telling it how much light to burst. I think it worked amazingly well. After taking a few shots inside, it was time to venture out into the tent, and some natural light.

Preparing food.

Preparing food for the festival.

I think I took the above shot with the 80mm, based on the bokeh of the wide open aperture. I do remember using both that and the 150 on that day. It was great fun. Indoors and out.

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