Some Of The Architecture Of Lowell

Coming to the completion of my photowalk in Lowell, the buildings and architecture are just about irresistible. The 80mm Planar was a great choice, as its virtually distortion-free optics made for some nice straight lineage.

Historic St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Kirk Street

Historic St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Kirk Street

The inconvenience of going to the Merrimack Company’s school house twice a Sunday led to the building of “the big Sunday School” in 1830 on the property where the French house now stands. The cost was $568.84 raised mostly by subscription. By 1837 the number of pupils increased to 335 and the was enlarged. Two years later the number had risen to 556 and a second school house was built on the Church property between the Church and the Rectory approximately where the Chapel now stands. By 1842 there were 694 pupils and then over the following years as other denominations organized and established their own places of worship, the number of pupils at St. Anne’s Sunday School declined to 250.-St Anne’s Website


Parrish House of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

The Parrish House of St. Anne’s might be one of Lowell’s most beautiful structures. One venue of the Lowell Folk Festival takes place on these grounds. Moving downtown…

Bon Marché

Bon Marché

For generations, the Bon Marché offered six floors of wares to Downtown Lowell.  Below ground, on its basement level, the store sold kitchenware, groceries, and electrical household equipment.  Walk in from the street and you would find  hosiery, gloves, and shoes on its first floor.  One floor up, dresses, coats, and corsets were sold.  The third floor featured the gift shop, mirrors, and dinnerware.  Music was the theme on the fourth floor, where radios, Victrolas, and records could be found.  The top floor included the beauty shop, barber shop, and the store’s executive offices.  The Bon Marché offered it all.

To say that walking these streets with the Hasselblad is fun might be a serious understatement. It is medium format photography nirvana.



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