The Steets, The Rails, Of Lowell

View of the Boston and Maine train from behind the trees.

View of the Boston and Maine train from behind the trees.

Walking up and down Lowell’s historic Dutton Street was almost photographic sensory overload. There truly was a lot to see. And, this despite being a damp, quiet day. There were torrential downpours before, and after, I managed to fire off two magazines of film. Even managed to capture some nice light along the way.

View from the gate.

View from the gate.

On this day, I was not really worried so much about overexposing the frames. I had the Gossen Luna Pro F around my neck, and ISO50 film, on a day where the sun was not exactly blazing. Still, there were indeed some tricky scenes to meter. Not sure if I really nailed this one, but I like how it came out. A Hasselblad out on the streets? It can be done.

Takin' it to the streets. That's a tour trolley car.

Takin’ it to the streets. That’s a tour trolley car, and a great restaurant, Cobblestones, behind it.

Ilford Pan F Plus, to my eyes, is magical.  I really enjoyed shooting with this film, and knowing that the usually fear and hesitancy that can come with shooting with a higher speed film on a day such as this really was not an issue. I did have a roll of Tri-X in the bag, just in case. But, for a different look, it really is a blast to mix things up.


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