Two More Hasselroids

Trees Near My Office

Trees near the office.

Finished up the pack of Fuji FP-100C with the Hasselblad while walking around at lunchtime, on a sunny Spring day. Shot with the 150mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar. Maybe my favorite Hasselroid prints, nonetheless, maybe the last I take. It was a brief experiment that really did not yield the results I would have liked. Maybe 70mm, or 35mm? The idea of a digital back had unbelievable appeal, until I read today that there is, yikes, a crop factor with the CVF-50! 1.5X. Really? On a Hasselblad? An 80mm would be a 120mm. Or, a 50, a 75, closer to a normal than a wide angle. A 50 megapixel back now sounds much less attractive. Like Hasselroids, it sounded good at first. Can’t someone, anyone, develop a practical, yet affordable, digital back for these gorgeous instruments? Something less than $17,500 US?  And, one without a goofy crop factor? I digress.

Maybe the last Hasselroid for a while.

Maybe the last Hasselroid for a while.

This truly was, at times, a fun pack to shoot. At times, mostly during scanning, a frustrating one. Mixed blessings, for sure. But photographic experiments can be that way. Back to roll film, what the Hasselblad was made to do. And, for Polaroid? The Land Camera Models 230, 240, and 450 all have a lot more packs to shoot. Maybe the Big Shot does as well, with the pack of Magicubes that were given to me at Photographica. I have always been a strong proponent of the “best tools for the best use” mantra of photography. I love both Hasselblad and Polaroid as fun to shoot, iconic film formats. Still uncertain as to if they mix nicely.


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