Office Space

Shade Under The Tree

Shade Under The Tree

Walking around outside the office park, I took these Hasselblad frames at lunchtime, in the harsh New England midday sun. The 150mm Sonnar, and Ilford 100 Delta Pro, developed in Kodak D-76.

This little gully is a stone's throw away.

This little gully is a stone’s throw away.

I do have a yellow filter, which may have been somewhat useful here. But, I admittedly didn’t have the patience, and these were really quick, test-like frames, as opposed to creative ones. Still, really happy with the depth of field, or, more accurately, the lack of DOF. As well as the tonality, which is complemented so nicely with Delta 100. I have loved the film in 35mm, and it may also be my favorite B&W emulsion in medium format.The 150mm focal length is incredibly versatile. A small office park can make for some really big, cool shots.


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