Good Friday

Stations Of The Cross

Stations Of The Cross

Last Friday, I had already shot a roll of Ektar is another area of the city, I had a roll of TMax 100 in the other magazine. While walking across the common, I came across a Good Friday service. I decided to swap out the PME-5 with the waist level finder (WLF), and use the built in magnifier for fine focusing The lens used here is the 150mm Sonnar.. At the risk of offending some Hasselblad purists, I am so happy Hasselblad had so many image-corrected mirrored prism options. Focusing with the WLF is, well, a challenge. At least for my eves. I do wear corrective lens eyeglasses. When using the PME-5, I do remove them. But, I noticed in these frames, and the others that I shot that day, that the perspective has a slightly angled look. You can almost tell that a WLF was used! Anyways, thrilled I was able to capture some great moments. D-76 was the developer.

I believe this was a multi-faith, ecumenical service.

I believe this was a multi-faith, ecumenical service.

As the crowd moved from station to station, I was fiddling with my focus, and returned the magnifier back into the WLF. The sound of the WLF as opened is maybe the only inelegant  noise a Hasselblad makes. But shortly after switching down the magnification option, I was able to capture this shot-


Station To Station

Overall, I do prefer the correct orientation the PME-5 focal field has to offer. Maybe that comes from having shot so much 35mm. But, the WLF can be fun for street and environmental candid portraiture. Of course, the Hasselblad system, designed from the ground up as a true system camera, offers so many choices. In meeting other Hasselblad photographers, I have yet to see any two configured the same way.


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