Photographica, Spring 2014

After missing the last few, I was able to make it to Day 1 of PHSNE’s Photographica on Day 1 in Wakefield, MA. This year, instead of aimlessly scooping up stuff like a drunken sailor, I made a list on my iPhone, and pretty much stuck to it. There were the usual dealers asking the moon for the higher end Nikon, Leica, and Hasselblad stuff. One dealer tried to tell me that the two Nikon FE-2’s he had in the box were “most likely never even used”. Sure they weren’t. Take what some of these people say with a cynical grain of salt.  Additionally, as I mentioned to one dealer, just because it says Hasselblad on it doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium on it. There were deals to be had, and some of these people love to barter. They pretty much set up at the same physical space, with the same stuff, show after show. However, one welcomed change was moving the beloved Dollar Table from the entry area, to the back of the hall. That way, the virtual feeding frenzy could begin, without disrupting the rest of the show. The tables really did seem to have a lot less “good stuff” than in years past.

I’ve really been wanting to get back into Hasselblad photography, and decided the 500cm needed a few optional accessories to make it easier to take out into the field. Perfect timing.

But, on to the list- here is what I was able to scoop up-

  • A Hasselblad grip bracket (P/N 45071), in excellent condition, normally about $99 on eBay, for $15.
  • A Hasselblad lens shade for the 80mm Planar, (P/N 40670), about $50 eBay, for $30.
  • The wide Hasselblad strap, the 1″ rubberized (P/n59110), which I have seen selling for $40-50, for $20.
  • An extra Hassy rear lens cap, normally $8-9, for $2!!!
  • And, off-Hasselblad, an alltime favorite read, The Complete Nikon System: An Illustrated Equipment Guide by Peter Braczko, originally a $40 book, for $5. I have taken this book out of the local library at least 5 times, and it is really worth owning, despite a few errors.

I even had one dealer give me a fresh Box of Magicubes to use in the Polaroid Big Shot, and, Brian Jacobs of The G.A.S Station (GAS being Gear Acquisition Syndrome), an excellent YouTube channel, gave me a Hasselblad Rapid Winding Crank. If you have not seen Brian’s excellent video reviews of vintage cameras, be sure to check them out. His reviews of the Leica R7 and R8 are extremely well done. And while I doubt I will never get into Leica because of the cost prohibitive prices of the glass, watch them, and you will want to get them. There are lots of YouTube camera reviews, but his are really the best of their kind. Thank you, Brian!

I shot a roll of Tri-X with the Hasselblad 500cm at the show, but while the negatives hang and dry, here are a few shots I took with the Canon SD1400 IS.-


IMG_0820IMG_0821 IMG_0822

Photographica takes place twice a year, and can be hazardous to your wallet. Make a list, and try to stick to it. I do hope that some new dealers would join the mix. Some of the same gear does tend to show up over and over again. But if you are a serious film photographer, there is no better place to be.


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