Turners Falls And The Mohawk Trail

As mentioned here many times, I was a student at Fitchburg State College, now Fitchburg State University. The institution boasts a world renowned Communications Media, and Photography department. Professor Peter Laytin (www.peterlaytin.com), author of the book Creative Camera Control, studied under Minor White, and is considered to be one of the true pioneers of infrared photography. The campus is on the foothills of The Mohawk Trail, a historic Native American Trade Route, and represents the gateway from Central to Western Massachusetts.

I took a drive a few weeks back, almost 70 miles one way, and arrived in virtually another world. Turners Falls, Massachusetts, which is on the Mohawk Trail, and is in Western Massachusetts, and in on the Connecticut River. It is a village that is part of the town of Montague. it is SO far out that you can hear FM stations from Albany, NY, which I listened to in the car when I was there. The drive there is truly spectacular, as Route 2 and the Mohawk Trail narrows down to one lane, as it winds near, and over, the river.

The view from the bridge.

The view from the bridge.

Once arriving in Turners Falls, I am reminded of a world that time forgot. The quaint downtown area almost looks like a smaller, cleaner, Beacon Street in Boston. This kind gentleman, working at The Montague Reporter, the local newspaper, saw me with my D300, and gave me some hints as to where to journey to and photograph-

"I know where you should go to photograph..."

“I know where you should go to photograph…”

He was not kidding. Walking back through downtown, I found some spectacular architecture-


Vintage brick.

This collection of gorgeous buildings, known as The Power Town Apartments, features some breathtaking architecture-


Power Town

On the way back over the bridge, I came across this gorgeous view, of a frozen section of The Connecticut River. I have not done digital landscape in a while. This might reignite the passion-

Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra

Leaving now, of course, I cannot wait to return. With the next blog article, and, eventually, another visit-

Soon to return.

Soon to return.


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