Where Has He Been?

I have indeed taken a hiatus, not only from blogging, but from photography.Why? I think in part due to creative block, much like writer’s block. And, learning new tools, such as Adobe Lightroom 5.3, as well as simply taking a break from Gear Acquisition Syndrome (AKA G.A.S.). Ironically, one of my favorite photographers, Syl Arena, was recently on the TWIP podcast, after a long hiatus. He just took a break from it all, and comments on the dilemma of just keeping up with software, and camera technology. Ironically, he is now teaching photography, and is also shooting some film, after having built a new darkroom. He has always been one of my favorite, most outspoken photographers of this era. Even more reason now to like him. Sure, the other photographers on the panel had a good chuckle, but this guy is the real deal, and a fantastic photographer-  http://pixsylated.com/blog/ , and at http://sylarena.com/

So, what has changed in these last few months? Quite a bit. The Impossible Project has seemingly revamped their marketing, and website, I think, for the better. The results displayed on the site look less dreamy and pastel, and more like the actual results. Cannot wait to try out the new formulations. On a sad note, FujiFilm has announced the eventual end of their beautiful FP-3000B Instant Film for the Automatic Land Cameras. That’s right, there will be no more B&W options for pack cameras. One more batch will be made this year, and that is it- history. Be prepared for retailers jacking up the prices, as retail pandemonium is about to hit. I bought 5 packs, before the new hit, and no one had it. Put it in your fridge, and enjoy the long shelf lives.

Much better news, though. Prices on Polaroid SX-70 and Automatic Land Cameras are seemingly much more reasonable on the eBay and ShopGoodwill.com markets. I have not seen an SX-70 sell for over 100 dollars in quite a while. This, coupled with the new Impossible formulations, makes it a great time to be an instant photographer. And, for us pack film lovers, well, color FP-100C continues to be made, and plentiful. For now.

Lightroom has indeed brought new life into my digital photography. It is almost fun, and not nearly as frustrating to learn as Photoshop is. And, represents yet another tool in the bag for editing digital negatives as well.

These are great, great times to be a photographer. Film, digital, instant film, post processing? It is all good.

Back to shooting.