Medium Contrast?



I really have to rethink this Kodak “Quick Spec” in their iPhone app. Medium contrast? The above shot really makes me think otherwise. Have I been, all along, shooting in low contrast with Tri-X, Y-Max, FP4, HP5, even with 20% additions to development times to increase contrast? The think I am loving about BW400CN is that you can get this kind of contrast, with virtually no grain. And amazing tonality. Once again, the Nikon F2S, and 35mm f/2.8 Ai lens, with a UV filter.

Inside Lobby At St. Vincent's Hospital

Inside Lobby At St. Vincent’s Hospital

I did not think the above shot, in the lobby area at St. Vincent’s, would have enough light. And, I did struggle a bit with the F2’s light meter, as it wanted to meter for the windows behind the stones. I overrode the calculations, and exposed for the darker part of the frame. Happy that I did.

Good As Gold Coffee, Green Street

Good As Gold Coffee, Green Street

I think this little coffee shop, with the massive sign, on Green Street, is out of business still open.

The Answer Is Downtown

The Answer Is Downtown

Where is the answer? Why is the contrast so high and stunning? Any answers?

Front of Smokestack Urban Barbecue on Green Street.

Front of Smokestack Urban Barbecue on Green Street.

Now, this shot really baffled me after development. So much so that I literally had to check the front of my 35mm Nikkor lens, and make sure I did not, in fact, have either a red or a yellow filter on it. In fact, there was only the UV filter I had left on since the last time I shot with it, and in fact, that was some Portra film. So, not sure if a UV filter has any impact at all on the exposure. But, as this was, in fact, before 9AM on a clear day, and the sun was not pounding like it does on mid day, looks like I simply lucked out. The metering pattern of the F2S’s DP-2 Photomic head is a heavily center weighted pattern, which looks as though it really nailed this exposure calculation.


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