Even More Expired

I recently shot this roll of very expired C-41 Kodak Royal Gold 200. Kodak stopped making it in 2004, so it was at least that old, maybe older. The film lab technician asked me when I dropped it off if I was sure I wanted to have it developed, as it was likely “bad”, and she hadn’t seen this film in years. Of course! Once again, the camera of choice was the Canonet.

When I picked up the negatives, she said that they came out, but did look quite dark. Of course, I should have compensated, and overexposed the film. But, I really don’t have a lot of experience with expired film, as noted with my AGFA Vista 10 exposure roll experiment a few articles back. And, not knowing the expiration date, I really didn’t know how many stops I should have compensated by. After reading a bit about this film online, I found out that it was very much the Portra 400 of its day, with a wide exposure latitude. Not as wide of a latitude, as Portra 400 can easily be underexposed up to ISO1600 without any pushing. I think from what I saw, that Kodak had specked out a range of ISO25-800. Quite good for that era. While not as fine of a grain, for old color film, still quite pleasant. These shot in and around the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Main Entrance

Main Entrance

This might be my favorite shot from the roll. There was likely enough light for decent exposure:



A sundial from 1910. Too bad I didn’t have enough sun here for exposure:



Was actually able to achieve some shallow depth of field with the following shot, something that has pretty much eluded me so far with the Canonet. A very cool looking bike parking rack:

Bike Parking Rack

Bike Parking Rack

It’s too bad that the Canonet shutter did not have more blades, because otherwise, the bokeh is quite pleasing:


Fraternity Trident

Benches are so hard for me to resist photographing:

Another Bench

Another Bench

The remaining expired stock I have has all been cold stored, including some 120 medium format Portra VC and NC. But not knowing how this material was previously stored, I’d say the key is to either give it lots of light, or meter accordingly by a few stops.


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