Agfa Vista

Recently, I came into a roll of very expired Agfa Vista 200 film. A 10 exposure roll (yes, that’s right, 10 shots to a roll), I decided to try some street photography with the QL17 G-III, and use the zone focusing technique. Once again, I set my aperture at f/11, range at 10 feet. What I should have done was tried to compensate for the age of the film, and overexpose by a couple of stops. I am guessing it was over 20 years old. The color shifts, I love. The underexposure, and graininess, not so much.



The woman below, left, had a look of stress and angst on her face. Who knows what she had going on. Maybe not a good day. I’ve never seen anyone walk so fast. Ever.

In a hurry, to go nowhere.

In a hurry, to go nowhere.

The man to the right just kept on his way, off to grab a bite to eat. The film really shifted to a purple and bluish, as his shirt was more of a reddish color, as I recall. The stripes on his shirt are more easily seen here, where above, they are rendered unnoticed.

Off to grab lunch.

Off to grab lunch.

Next time, if I do shoot more expired film that was not cold stored, I will compensate by a stop or two. It was still a heck of a lot of fun to use.


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