Color Street Photography (With Expired Film)

One of the earliest rolls of film I put into the Canonet  QL17 G-III was a roll of 24 exposure expired FujiColor 400. While most likely not a top choice for street photography, well, I had to make due with what I had. I still have yet to see a good explanation, online, or anywhere, of zone focusing. My understanding of it is that on a rangefinder, you can basically preset your aperture, and your distance, and, more often than not, catch something in sharp focus.

I settled on f/11, a distance of 10 feet, at exposures of 1/500th/sec. The event was the Food Truck Festival of New England. People shoveling food down their pipes, while walking, talking, and refusing to sit down. The city of Worcester shut down a large part of Park Avenue, in front of Elm Park, for this event.

I have yet to use any B&W film in the Canonet , as I have a lot of color film in the fridge, and have also gotten used to having the scans and negatives back in under an hour. For about $6/roll, it really is a bargain. And, given the hot, humid summer months, time not in the darkroom pulling film out of canisters and into the tank, has been very liberating.


Discussing Gun Violence.

The colors, while a bit off on this roll, weren’t really that bad. The graininess was definitely there, but the exposure really wouldn’t have benefitted from any ASA compensation. I would use this film expired again.

Highlights are a little hot, not bad.

Highlights are a little hot, not bad.

The following shot is a favorite, mainly because the focus seemed to be pretty much spot on-

Not bad for trying out zone focusing for the first time.

Not bad for trying out zone focusing for the first time.

400 speed film has been pretty much a fixture shooting with the Canonet. 160 or 200 speed film, given the brightness of the midday sun would have been fine. But it works here, in this next shot, as it pulled up some details from the stand area-

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up!

Rangefinder photography certainly is very different from “traditional” SLR photography. The space you have to the left of the viewfinder’s floating lines allows you to watch things as they move into the scene. And, you always have the option of using the zone focusing approach. I am not sure if there are better standard baseline settings for the Canonet, but these seem to be working out nicely so far.


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