Found Along The Tracks

A few weeks ago, I took these shots along the railroad tracks near the office. There are always interesting things to photograph near the tracks, aside the trains and railways themselves. I also wanted to “test out” the higher shutter speeds of the F3. Of course, this was a moot experiment, as I ended up sending the camera back to California, for a brand new shutter. Portra 400, at box speed, and the 50 f/1.4 Ai.

What is a Charlie Card?

What is a Charlie Card?

You ask, what is a Charlie Card? The Massachusetts public transportation system is known as the MBTA. A song that came out years ago by The Kingston Trio was “M.T.A.”, as the system was called in the 1950’s. It told the story of Charlie, who was stuck on the system. It is a much improved system, but yes, the prepaid subway/bus/train card is now known amusingly as a Charlie Card.



Thinking this might be some kind of gang symbol or communication. Then again, this is in Concord, Mass, hardly the hotbed of gangland crime.



Years of corrosion and rust can make for a great subject. This pipe, I am guessing, has been exposed to the elements since The Kingston Trio sang about Charlie. The sharpness of Portra really does work out wonderfully for these types of shots. Of course, sharp glass always helps. But a subject like this would look maybe too sharp digitally. I’m going to be shooting some Fuji 400 soon, a whole new color palette and characteristics. Portra does really bring out warm oranges and reds. Not like Ektar, of course, but still warm and reddish. Thinking Fuji emulsions are more towards the green.


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