Dunn State Park

I took these shots with the Canon AE-1, almost completely wide open, with Portra 160, and the 50mm and 135mm FD lenses. I took two weeks off in between jobs in May, and took a few day trips. This one was at a beautiful little park in Gardner, MA, at the beginning of The Mohawk Trail. I had never seen Dunn State Park before. It has beautiful little hiking trails. The lighting was very diffused from the trees, and quite contrasty. However, mid day still yielded some spectacular results. Landscape does not always have to be shot at f/16. Some of these were at about f/2 or so. Maybe it is a personal preference, but I don’t think everything needs to be at a consistent large depth of field. The lighting, and film speed, made achieving that impossible. So, I made due.



I love the bokeh of the FD glass. It may not be up to, say, Leica characteristics. But, I like it better than, even, my beloved Nikon Nikkor glass.



The cool thing about shooting this way, too, is that you can shoot even at mid day, and get some great colors and contrast. Portra really worked extremely well for this setting.

I think this one was at f/4 or so.

I think this one was at f/4 or so.

An old photography cliché used to say something to the effect of “f/8, and be there”. Be where? Guessing f/8 likely would have resulted in some blur here. Thrilled with the results. I’m no longer afraid to shoot landscape scenes wide open, when conditions call for it.

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