Ektar And People

“The best camera is the one you have with you.” -Chase Jarvis

I’d take that a step further, and say that the best film is what you have loaded in your camera. A few weeks back, I loaded up a roll of Ektar 100 into the Canon AE-1, and brought the 28mm, 50mm, and, the 135mm. The 135 ended up seeing the most use on this day, as I came across a 6K benefit road race to raise money for the Worcester Fire Fighters Association. The film was already loaded into the AE-1, with the goal of taking full advantage of the fine grain and colors of this gorgeous emulsion.


Shot at 1/30th of a second, and panning left to right.

In selecting shots for the blog, and to post up on the Flickr groups, it truly was hard to narrow down them down to a favorite, select group. These truly are my favorites. I know the above was taken at 1/30th/sec (Shutter Priority once again to the rescue), but I do believe this next one was taken at 1/60th, as evident by the reduction in motion blur.

Much less behind the runner is thrown out of focus here.

Much less behind the runner is thrown out of focus here.

Finally, at the finish line, I decided to match the lens length with a more appropriate 1/125th/sec. It also made for some great results, as after the finish line, no one really seemed to have the strength on a hot summer morning to run any further.

Time to cool down.

Time to cool down.

Ektar really is not that bad for skin tones, if you maybe reduce your saturation slightly after scanning. Also, if you give it some light, a good amount of it, when you shoot, it really does tend to look much better than underexposing. But, a lot of this is really subjective. Of course, I would have had Portra 160 if I had a choice. but, the best film really IS the one you have with you.


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