Hasselblad Hiatus

Obsessed with Aderondack Chairs.

Obsessed with Adirondack Chairs.

The Hasselblad 500c/m has had a long rest. Too long. I had not shot with it in maybe a year or so. As I took a couple of weeks off before embarking on a new job, I decided to lug the camera, a couple of magazines loaded up with expired, cold-stored Ektar 100, and the Carl Zeiss 80mm T* up to Mt. Wachusett. The summit was closed, until Memorial Day. However, the ski lodge at the bottom was open, and quiet. There was a lot of still life that lends itself beautifully to the 6X6 square format.

Honda ATV

Honda ATV

Interestingly, it was the first time I had shot with the Hasselblad and did not meter with the trusty Gossen Luna Pro F. This time, rather than to lug an extra piece of equipment, I decided to meter using something I already have, my iPhone, and the Pocket Light Meter app. It is spectacular. Not only is it accurate, it allows you to spot meter and preview exposure in real-time, giving you a pretty good idea on how your exposure will look, be it exposed for the highlights, or the shadows. And, it’s free.

Mountain Mascot

Mountain Mascot

The Carl Zeiss glass is spectacular, Insanely sharp, yet dreamy looking, it is like a Lomo look on steroids. Depending on the choice of aperture, it can produce a rich, creamy bokeh, without having to open the aperture all the way. No doubt, in part, due to the crazy large focal plane of the medium format. What also helped here was use of the non metered prism finder, as opposed to use of the waist level finder. It made hand holding steady much easier, and also made focusing a breeze.


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