Merry Go Round


Shot At 1/30th Sec, Panning To The Right

While not taking that dreaded “film vs. digital stand, it is this blogger’s humble opinion that digital photography has cheapened, and ruined, the creative aesthetics of photography. Everywhere, on Flickr, blogs, podcasts (those that concentrate on digital), at camera shows, you hear people craving “tack sharp” images. Trying to keep these VR/IS lenses stable, and concentrating on the technical elements, many digital photographers forget that motion, and slow shutter speeds, can be used to tremendous effect. The above image, which I shot at 1/30th of a sec. while panning, with the Canon AE-1, and my new 50mm f/1.4 FD with the S.S.C. (Super Spectra Coating), and Portra 400, and shot at Boston Commons last month. I think if I had chosen, say, 1/250th of a sec, that it would not have come out nearly as nice. Nor would a fast exposure, and a “tack sharp” digital lens have conveyed the visual draw, the joy in the little girl’s face, and the sharpness of the merry-go-round pony. Just this photographer’s opinion. Additionally, analog photography captures “the moment”, and frees you from fiddling with menus, histograms, chimping, etc. It’s you, the subject, your viewfinder, and your aperture and shutter speeds.

But, the subject is what it is truly all about.


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