The New Flickr- A Chaotic Hodgepodge

I posted the following on a Flickr board, in response to this question-

“How do you like the new Flickr?”

“I find it to be a chaotic hodgepodge, and a mess. There is code left over from the 1990’s, that still has that “Alta Vista” HTML look. They need to allow photos to be displayed the way people want to see them today, not in 1993. Meaning, true gray and shadow boxes, not only when viewing one photo. That feature really is a smoke screen.

I cannot find anything positive in it, as much as I am trying to do so. The online communities are still an afterthought, even though that is what people like Flickr for. For instance, there is still no way to track threads. Really, it should not be that difficult.

Trying to verbalize how much I dislike it really is pointless. It is what it is.”

Additionally, now, as a “Pro” member, if I choose to renew, and yes, pay even more, I get to not see advertising. What a neat perk!

Marissa Mayer, you have a lot more to worry about with your Yahoo business model than not allowing your people to work from home, and engineering window dressing to disguise an ancient Flickr interface. How about engineering a viable photo community? Prediction- we are seeing the beginning of the end of Flickr.

2 thoughts on “The New Flickr- A Chaotic Hodgepodge

  1. Actually, it turns out you (as you still have a Pro account) still get to renew at the same ~$25/year price. (I misunderstood that bit myself, at first.)

    That said, I do think $50/year to go ad-free, if you didn’t have a Pro account beforehand, makes no sense, especially when adblocking plugins and apps for web browsers are free.

    Personally, I think ~$500/year for an additional TB of space is even more ridiculous. You can buy a domain name, and a hosting plan with unlimited space and bandwidth, for much less than that.

    • Thanks, Shelly. That is great news- at least makes this somewhat more tolerable. Regarding the window dressing that they have added, it really is like putting lipstick on a pig. It is still a pig.

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