American Hustle

Studio 54 Main Door, Recreated For 2013

Studio 54 Main Door, Recreated For 2013

A large Hollywood production, David O. Russell’s American Hustle, began filming some exterior shots in downtown Worcester recently. I asked one of the security people on the shoot “why Worcester”? It is a true story about a con artist,and involves the Abscam case. Parts of the film take place in NYC. The affordability of location shooting, the relatively small geographic footprint, and the older, retro look and feel of the city, all viable reasons. I pretty much stumbled across these with the AE-1 in hand, and Portra 160 loaded up. No Jennifer Lawrence sightings myself (she is the female lead), although she was spotted by local press buying clothes in a thrift shop. The Studio 54 recreation above was particularly fun, as it brought back memories of the film The Last Days Of Disco, and the current day Studio 54 in Vegas at the MGM. The logo is spot on.


Richard Pryor Starring In Blue Collar, Dating The Period At 1978

The cinema marquee was so amazingly well done. Worcester was transported back to circa 1978 for a few weeks.

Vintage Charter Bus Being Transported Onto Set

Vintage Charter Bus Being Transported Onto Set

This vintage charter bus created a lot of interest. It also created several large traffic jams, as it was moved from one part of downtown to the street that the Studio 54 set was located.


Vintage Phone

These were all shot midday, explaining the hot new England bluish exposure. Yes, I know “the rules” of The Golden Hour, but, an hour before or after sunrise or sunset is not always practical.

American Hustle is scheduled to open on Christmas Day this year.


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