Reflections On Denholm’s

Manequin In The Old Denholm's Department store Building, Downtown Worcester.

Mannequin In The Old Denholm’s Department store Building, Downtown Worcester.

I shot this last weekend while downtown on a photowalk. The reflections in the window really caught my eye. Denholm’s is a long gone department store that has been closed since 1973. The building is massive, and there are some small, subtle touches of its original greatness that still remain. Now mostly office space, it has remaining display windows that are still decorated by a gentleman, Christopher Sawyer, who I think works in the fashion industry, wrote a history of Denholm’s, and is the son of a woman who worked there. He has a wonderful blog at  I saw him speak last year at the Worcester Public Library, where he kicked off his book. This has that vintage “Mad Men” feel. Which, of course, I LOVE! Oh, shot with the Polaroid 450. Don Draper heaven.

“That’s quite the picture-making machine!”

The above tag line is a quote from a homeless lady yesterday, as I walked around downtown Worcester with my Model 450 Land Camera. After looking at these shots, I do have to agree. Photowalks can turn up subjects that one may easily overlook by whizzing by in the car, while potentially overlooking potentially great content. This is instant photography, but once again, it forces the photographer to slow down, and take it all in.

These are from a very creative wall mural on a tunnel near Union Station. The more I use Fuji FP100C, the more I fall in love with the colors, the sharpness. It does seem to like a good amount of light for the color to “pop”. It was a typical late winter New England day, where you never get anything resembling good, warm daylight. That blue-gray harsh light that frustrates photographers up here to no end. But you simply have to make due, and pick your battles. I think I won these-

Was painted to scale, so as to make the painter's feet look like they are actually at ground level.

Was painted to scale, so as to make the painter’s feet look like they are actually at ground level.

Wall Mural (2) Union Station Tunnel Downtown Worcester 3 16 13 Polaroid 450 Fuji FP100C

On the other side of the tunnel was this beautiful image. The colors show off FP100C’s color pallet beauty.