President’s Day

American Flag 2 8 13 Polaroid SX70 Impossible Project Color Protection Film 2 Notches Darken

Taken in 60 MPH winds during the blizzard known as Nemo.

Monday is President’s Day in the US. While not a holiday for those of us in the private sector, schools, banks, the post office, all closed for many. Car sales, and furniture sales for those who are off. I did take this SX-70 image during Nemo, but decided to save it until now. I used the #120 Lens Shade, and darkened the wheel to 2/3 towards darken. These represent some of the colors I have really been wanting to get out of PX-70 Color Protection film. Almost a dreamy muted look. It was really exciting to watch this one develop. The flag was on my front porch. A neighbor’s house can be seen in the lower part of the frame, across the street. Given how the electric eye chose to expose here, really surprising that the white house didn’t completely wash out and overexpose. It was snowing, so the sky overexposing was no surprise.

To those celebrating, happy President’s Day.

A side note- the challenge of blogging on a regular basis is complicated somewhat by several factors. WordPress keeps changing the blogging engine of their website, the iPhone application, and the layout. Constantly. I have no idea how to scale the size of the above SX-70 image, so that it is as large as the previous ones posted in this blog. it defaults to a much smaller size, and the editing engine now also defaults to HTML. WordPress, can you please stop the constant tinkering with the features and functionality of this platform? Just let it work. So bloggers can work.

Addendum- they never told us this, but you have to change it in the “Advanced” settings manually now. The default sizes are now much smaller ones.

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