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Lego Guys On Checkerboard

Lego Guys On Checkerboard

Or, as known in America, checkers. A cold, gray, snowy day, and one frame of PX-70 Color Protection film left in the SX-70, before starting a fresh pack. What to do?

Took out a couple of my son’s Lego figures. But, I have already photographed such subjects with the close-up kit. Why not put them on his checkerboard? Into a small environment? I tweeted out earlier that this was something I wanted to do- shoot indoors, and maybe get some softer, muted colors. A fellow SX-70 photographer recommended for natural light to set it on the tripod, and use the cable release (#112 Remote Shutter Button). Exactly what I did here. But it was also recommended that I set the lighten/darken wheel into darken. Counterintuitive, but that it would yield a better exposure. I set it a third into darken here. The long exposure worry out of the way, I could have gone even more into darken, but the colors might not have been as soft. The Lego guys definitely did overexpose, but the #121 close-up lens gave me that crazy shallow DOF that has often eluded me in SX-70 photography. Not sure where the vignetting came from, but I like it here.

SX-70 photography does entail a lot of experimentation. Maybe more so than traditional photography. But the results can be curiously gratifying, as can the medium’s idiosyncracies.

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