Winterscape, Square

The square footprint of the SX-70 exposure can really challenge a photographer “schooled” on the rectangular 24x36mm image which is put onto, say, 35mm film. Like the medium format Hasselblad, this is pretty much a square image, at 3 1/8″ by 3 1/16″. It takes some getting used to, and forces the photographer to retrain the eye, and to rethink compositional assumptions.

So, one might say it is optimized for portraiture, or close up work. True. But it can also be great for landscapes. I decided to take the Alpha 1 down to the park, and capture a winterscape. The exposure wheel here could have been taken down into darken, but I decided to keep it flat, and see what happened. There is overexposure, but not crazy, blown highlights. This film is maybe a half to a full stop faster than the rated box speed of ISO125.  The yellowish tones of PX70 Color Protection I am attributing to the opacification layer not fully clearing. Maybe future editions will improve upon this. But still, considering the 20 degree temperatures when this was captured, pretty darned nice-

1 19 13 Elm Park Frozen Pond Polaroid SX70 Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection

Frozen Pond, Elm Park, Worcester, MA

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