Forgotten Film – PZ600 Silver Shade

I forgot I had film in my OneStep CloseUp. The first formulas of Impossible Project film required lots of “voodoo” just to get a useable shot. Cardboard shade contraptions, storage requirements, methodologies to prevent fading. Well, there wasn’t much “instant” about it. As I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with PX70 Color Protection film in the SX-70, I decided to open up the OneStep, which I had loaded with PZ600 Silver Shade over two years ago. This was the film I wanted to like, but ended up so flustered using. So, the camera literally has not been opened in two years. The first result was kind of a cool “happy accident”. Where the red color came from, given the fact this is panchromatic B&W film, I have not a clue. Maybe a chemical pod that burst open too soon. Still, though- kind of like it. My three SX-70’s-

Where did the red come from?

Where did the red come from?

The next shot came out much smoother. I used the built-in CloseUp filter for both frames-

TV tray / workbench.

TV tray / workbench.

The built-in flash on this camera, while primitive and unsophisticated, just works. These cameras are plastic boxes, totally lacking the SX-70’s charm. Clearly the OneStep was designed in the razor/razor blade marketing scheme, as a way to sell film. Still though, while not as fun to use as the SX-70, quite enjoyable. I used a makeshift light shade- the case to my Impossible cold clip. Did the trick.

A new Silver Shade formula, with the Color Protection opacification layer, is going to be a great plus for B&W instant photography. It’s due this year. Can’t wait.

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