Two Flavors Of Coca Cola

While driving today on Route 13 South in Milford, NH, I spotted this old Coca Cola trailer that is being used as a makeshift sign for a farm. The back features this iconic Coke branding. As I am reading a book about the last years of Walker Evans’ life, and his amazing SX-70 photography, this inspired me to take that camera out, as well as the 450, and capture the same image, for different tones. At the time these shots were taken, it was 34 degrees out, so I did use cold clips for both. The Impossible PX-70 Color Protection film inexplicably defaulted to the “divot/snowflake” look of the earlier Impossible films. Maybe my rollers are once again in need of cleaning? Or, maybe it was just the cold. But the distressed look really works for the subject. While the 450 once again yielded spot-on exposure and tones. Happy I had both cameras with me, as this really was fun to shoot the same subject with both.

The Last Years of Walker Evans: A First-Hand Account by Jerry L. Thompson, available on Amazon, is truly inspiring, a great read. Evans arguably was the greatest SX-70 photographer of all time, certainly the most influential.

1 6 13 Back of Coca Cola Truck Milford NH Polaroid SX70 Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection

SX-70 exposure control set one notch towards darken. Showing off the warm colors and tones of PX-70 Color Protection.

Model 450, one notch towards darken.

Model 450, one notch towards darken. The Fuji FP100C colors are how I remember the scene as looking.


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