Thoughts On The New Nikon “1” Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

You Must Be Kidding- Pink Is $30 Extra. Why Would Anyone Want This Color?

You Must Be Kidding- Pink Is $30 Extra. Why Would Anyone Want This Color?

After months of insane speculation, Nikon announced its dead on arrival, lackluster “1” series of mirrorless interchangeable lens digital cameras. While I was hoping for a rebirth of classic industrial design (Think Nikon F meets the digital era), instead we have cameras that look like point and shoots, with, of course, a range of slow zoom lenses. Only one prime, a 10mm f/2.8 wide angle. No idea what they are using for a crop factor on these things, maybe 2.5X? Anyways, the cameras are insanely overpriced (starting at $899 US), and very consumer looking in build and fit and finish. This from the company that brought us the legendary F-bodies that changed the 35mm world forever? And gorgeous, fast, sharp, and bright Nikkor lenses? Why not something of a more “retro’ body design, and a range of fast primes, instead of slow consumer type zooms? Yes, I know that one has VR, but that is no substitute for a wide open, fast aperture. Maybe I am hoping for more out of these hyped announcements. Certainly, FujiFilm recently hit a home run with their classic looking X100 fixed lens digital rangefinder-like camera. This was a great opportunity for Nikon to draw upon their rich heritage, and join the retro camera phenomenon. What do we get instead? Pink bodies, and slow zooms.

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