More About The Impossible Project- Stop The Madness: One Blogger’s Thoughts

“Summer is nearly over, but there is still some time left for colorful and refreshing
Color Shade images. Announcing the latest production run of PX 70 Color Shade
film. An homage to the legendary SX 70 film, this instant film is the perfect
fit for your SX 70 camera; however, the film’s light sensitivity demands that
you set the exposure wheel to the darkest setting. As a plus, the sensitivity
also allows you to use this new PX 70 in your 600 camera without any (Impossible typo corrected here) additional
adjustments!”  -9/8/11 Impossible Update, PX70 Is Back
PX70 Color Shade Film

PX70 Color Shade Film

After a long period of not buying Impossible Project film, the folks there randomly took me off their “mailing list”.  The very high price of buying what is experimental film really left me with a bad feeling. This particular e-mail update caught my attention, as I have yet to try any color Impossible films. And the fact that my postman gave me his mint SX-70 Alpha 1. These things are selling for as much as $489 on ebay. My 1st venture into Polaroid integral film formats was with the SX-70 AF Sonar, which I still have. Anyways, these are gorgeous looking cameras. Maybe one of the hallmarks of industrial design. Yet, the idea of taping a darkslide, cardboard light shields, or other contraptions, to the front of this elegant camera really holds little appeal.
One can only hope this film is going to improve. Especially at the price Impossible is selling the material for- $23.50 for a box of 8 experimental exposures? No, sorry. If I want to shoot instant, it’s Fuji for my Automatic Land Cameras, or Instax Mini for the Polaroid 300. And, no experiments- the stuff works.
Another thought? I wish they would stop with the marketing gimmicks, and just focus on making a better, more stable product. The “Splash Of Orange” update, trying to sell a bad batch of PX-100, with “alternate chemical components”? At $36.90/6 boxes? Not bad. But, to be stored in a “Dry Age Kit” to prevent fading? Enough. Photographic chemical fixer has been around for how long? It shouldn’t be that hard.
PX 100 SILVER SHADE Orange Flash Factory Outlet Edition

PX 100 SILVER SHADE Orange Flash Factory Outlet Edition

I will stop here, but I just had to vent. What these folks have done is rather miraculous. But, it’s time to focus on quality control, and take it up a notch. Save the money spent on voodoo marketing, and invest in a better, more stable product. Didn’t this used to be called instant film?

5 thoughts on “More About The Impossible Project- Stop The Madness: One Blogger’s Thoughts

  1. I was wondering when you were going to talk about Polaroid again. Looks like you’ve been getting into some other things. I really enjoy your blog. Unfortunately I feel the same as you when it comes to Impossible. I have tried out 2 packs of the PX680 and it is just not worth the price. I got 3 shots (kind of) out of 8 on the first pack. They sent me a coupon for a 2nd pack and I decided to give it another try. While the colors can be interesting, all of my pictures have big brown blotches on them where the chemicals do not spread over the entire photo. I have tried a couple of different cameras too. Some people seem to think this is really cool I guess but what about when the big brown spot is over the subject in your picture?!?! I had been looking at buying a Polaroid 680 but have decided to wait and see about the future of 600/SX-70 film. I’ll stick to the Fuji peel-aparts and Instax film, they’re all great! If only Fuji could produce a “classic” size and shape film/camera, I’d be in heaven! Anyways, just wanted to let you know you are not alone with your feelings about Impossible. Unfortunately I think they may have chosen the perfect name…

    • Thank you for the kind words. Honestly, Impossible’s marketing has really made me go back to other formats, including 35 and 120. The home darkroom I built has been one of the most rewarding experiences in photography, ever. My mother just gave me for my birthday an SX-70 OneStep AF, a Spectra, two unopened packs of Polaroid Spectra film (exp 1997), and a Spectra close up kit. So, I may dabble a bit more with Polaroid. But now, not having to send film out, and being able to develop it myself, well, it is, in some regards, more “instant” than Impossible films, with all the voodoo necessary just to properly create an exposure. Their films remain a major disappointment so far.


      • That’s really cool! Hope you have fun with your Birthday gifts. Keep up the good work, your photographs are awesome!

    • I have made some enemies, on Flickr, as well as with Impossible proper, over my stance. At the prices they are commanding for the experimental films, versus the results, I think we are in the right with our feelings.


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