More From The Darkroom….

I never wanted this blog to become a narcissistic ‘look at my photographs” typical photoblog. I try to keep it informative. But here goes. These shots were taken at the Wachusett Reservoir, in Clinton, Massachusetts. Developed this weekend, I am thrilled with the results. Kodak D-76 is known as an “all-purpose” developer, with other, more exotic developers, such as T-Max, and Rodinal heralded for their sharpness. Is D-76 really “pedestrian” compared to these other formulas? I hesitate to try anything else. This stuff is magic.

The 1st shot was taken from the top of the dam itself. the second, along its walls. Texture and detail that simply cannot be captured digitally. I will leave “sharpness” for the pixel peepers-

Wachusett Reservoir, Clinton, Massachusetts

Wachusett Reservoir, Clinton, Massachusetts

The Walls Of The Dam, Wachusett Reservoir, Clinton, MA

The Walls Of The Dam, Wachusett Reservoir, Clinton, MA


2 thoughts on “More From The Darkroom….

  1. these photos are great! The texture of the wall is amazing. I came across your blog as I was looking for advice about which polaroid camera I should get…in your opinion is it worth spending more on the folding polaroid sx70 land camera (with autofocus) or is the polaroid 1000 sx70 land camera (non folding, with rainbow design if that helps…) just as good? I was considering one of the little 600 models, but from what I’ve heard the Impossible Project’s film for the sx70 models is better

    • Thank you! Home developing has really taken up most of my time lately, with Polaroid, not as much. I love the look and the asthetic of the SX-70, but it is not my favorite Polaroid camera. In addition, the “voodoo” necessary when using Impossible film in an SX-70 (cardboard light shields, tape, etc) is a bit much, and makes an elegant looking camera look goofy. I have not been happy with Impossible film, and it is a very pricey experiment at best, with very inconsistent results. I much prefer the classic Automatic Land Cameras of the 100-400 series. The Fuju B&W and color films are beautiful, and they simply work. You can read some of my older articles on these, as well as some musings about Impossible.


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