Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Ektar

Was visiting the campus at Worcester Polytechnic Institute last month. Located on Boynton Hill in Worcester, Massachusetts, it is a private polytech university, which despite beling located in the city, has very much a suburban feel. Despite being private, it is not gated, and the public can walk through the campus. Took my Nikon FE-2, 50mm f/1.8 Ai Nikkor, and Kodak Ektar 100. Despite being late afternoon, with the bluish color temperature, managed to take some nice shots. This is Boynton Hall-

Boynton Hall, WPI, Worcester, MA

Boynton Hall, WPI, Worcester, MA

And this is Alden Memorial, where performances are held, as well as computer music laboratories-

Alden Memorial, WPI

Alden Memorial, WPI

Colleges and universities are great places to explore and photograph. This campus is incredible in the fall, and may call for another photowalk this September.


2 thoughts on “Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Ektar

  1. Such intersting photography and stories to go along with it. It will take some time to read it all. I look forward to enjoying more of it.

    Peggy Huard

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