Argus C-3 First Roll

Have had a blast playing with the Argus C-3 Standard. This camera, along with variations (the original, the Matchmatic, the “rare’ Golden Shield Matchmatic), was likely the most popular 35mm of its day. Yes, I do slam it as a piece of junk, as likely, they were. Certainly compared to their contemporaries, and more modern Japanese 35mm’s, and German rangefinders.  But there really is no better way to learn 35mm film photography than on a completely manual camera such as this one. And, with the sharp, contrasty Cintar 50mm f/3.5 lens, you can get some great shots. I wish a slower ASA/ISO film was available, as these have a top shutter speed of 1/300th sec. The shot below, from my 1st roll, was taken with Fujicolor 200 speed film. The same shot I took with the Nikon FE-2, and Kodak Ektar 100, yielded a slightly sharper image, and of course, even punchier colors. Pretty solid-

Vintage Pickup Truck, Elm Park, Worcester, MA, Taken With Argus C-3, Fujicolor 200

Vintage Pickup Truck, Elm Park, Worcester, MA, Taken With Argus C-3, Fujicolor 200

Argus is a strange, strange cult. You really feel like a mad scientist working one of these things, with the rangefinder gear, and boxy design. But it really is worth the effort.  You do need an external light meter. This scene was metered with the Gossen Luna Pro F.

The very active Argus Collectors Group ( just recently held its 10th annual gathering in Eden, NC. The founder, noted collector Ron Norwood is just a wealth of knowledge on all things Argus, and I receive regular updates from the group. Excellent resource.


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