Ektar-The Real Deal

Fully how digital junkies are now writing, and buying software that mimics film emulsions. To which I always ask, why don’t you simply load up a film camera (assuming you know how to shoot film, something many digital photographers have no clue how to do), and just have fun? Certainly shooting Ektar 100 is incredible fum. The grain really is the finest, although I never really minded grain. The colors are incredible. Yes, I miss Kodachrome, but this stuff really is spectacular. These were taken with the Nikon FE-2, and the gorgeous Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 Ai, the one Joshua Cohen proclaimed ” (the lens) is one of the sharpest that Nikon has made and has a beautiful machined
aluminum feel that has been lost in the AF era….”

I met Philip, a homeless Vietnam War veteran, on the way back to the car. After helping him out, and chatting with him about corrupt police officers, and dishonest lawyers (gee, there’s a shocker), he agreed to let me take a few pictures of him while begging for money to eat. The man is very clearheaded, and was not on the bottle. And served his country well while in the Marine Corps. Another photographic myth shattered. When I first shot Ektar in medium format on the Hasselblad last year, I kept reading “don’t use Ektar for portraits, you won’t like the fleshtones”. Don’t believe any photographic zealots- these are the same people who tell you to only shoot RAW when shooting in digital, but don’t tell you why. The same people who tell you to observe the often times silly “rule of thirds”, without asking which format you are shooting in. For example, the rule falls apart totally when shooting in the Hasselblad’s magical 6×6 square format. Anyways, I love these shots. Rules were made to be broken.

If you look closely, you can see genuine dispair in this man’s face. One of many in this country who served his country, but is now lost and forgotten. we all have our stories, and we all have our dramas. Next time you meet a veteran, be sympathetic, remember the sacrafice that was made, and, try to help that person out. I will remember my chat with Philip, forever.

One thought on “Ektar-The Real Deal

  1. I just finished two pro packs of Ektar 100 though I have to develop the last couple of rolls still. I’m comparing it to Fuji Reala 100 and the new Kodak Portra 160, all in 120 size (I am still working through a 2010 June expired bulk 100′ roll of 35mm Portra 160NC). Wonderful color saturation and contrast in the Ektar but it does NOT like overexposure, it blocks up heavily. It is odd in underexposure too, goes really blue so the exposure needs to be fairly well controlled which is tough as none of my 120 cameras have meters and I usually just sunny 16/guess though I can carry a meter.

    I have no problem at all using Ektar for people, I get great skin tones.

    I support our troops and veterans for sure. I don’t like giving a handout for a day though, I really want to help them long term. The problems and solutions are complex unfortunately.

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