The Stone Grotto

Iowa Coop Car, Taken with Kodak Brownie Holiday

Iowa Coop Car, Taken with Kodak Brownie Holiday

The Bluefire Murano 160 speed 127 film is a joy to use. There are a lot of theories as to the bulk film that is used to manufacture it. The most popular one being that it is Portra 160 VC. While not being a film grain expert, that theory seems to be pretty valid. The film is expensive, too much so. Ironic coming from a source dubbed “The Frugal Photographer”.

Stone Grotto, Worcester, MA

Stone Grotto, Worcester, MA

Walking back from the train tracks, and closing out the roll, these shots were taken in sequence. Could not resist a favorite spot, a holdout from the days of the original Assumption College campus, now Quinsigamond Community College. I love this shot, and the way the lens played with selective focus. The campus was devastated by a twister in the late 50’s, but miraculously, the little stone grotto was untouched. Assumption moved, Quinsigamond was formed, and the little stone grotto had religious items removed from it. But it is still lovingly cared for, and the grounds and landscaping are beautiful. A nice way to close the roll out. And, the month of April on film.


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