Big Yellow

This will be a very brief post. Today, another vintage Kodak Brownie arrived today, this one being the Hawkeye Flash. Gorgeous “art deco’ camera, which came with the original 620 spool, so I can load 120 film in it. The 1st roll, Kodak Portra 160 VC from the fridge. Worked perfectly, although I wound past “1”, which I understand is a common challenge. Next roll will get it! Add this to the Holiday Flash, which I loaded up with some Bluefire Murano 127, and the Brownies are now fully operational. The Kodalite flash finally worked, after a couple of misfires. Re-seated the batteries, and cleaned the socket contacts out with vinegar. It is now firing away on both units, which have built in flash sync terminals.

The heyday of Kodak Brownies benefited from the brilliant industrial design of Arthur Crapsey, and employed the amazingly durable bakelite finish. Clean these up with 50% ammonia and hydrogen peroxide for the optics, and a light coat of WD-40 on the bakelite, and spray a little on the machine screws while they are out. The cameras look like new afterwards.

Wait, you ask, this is a Polaroid blog, I thought? Kodak? I think that every camera collection needs at least one Brownie. Make it 2. The Hawkeye also came with the #13 close up lens, for portraits.

Anyways, going to play with it this weekend, and hope to post a few results next week. The Kodalite flash unit was color balanced with the blue flashguard from a parts-only Polaroid #268 flashgun, which fits the reflector perfectly. So, there is some Polaroid.

Until then, thanks Arthur Crapsey, and George Eastman. Some great things take longer than an instant.

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