Boston’s Historic North End

Saturday. What started out as a nice, sunny, but windy day in Boston, suddenly became quite overcast. Dinner in the historic North End was in store. Regina Pizzeria, which has been owned by the Polcari family since 1926, and at the same location since then, attracts long lines, and many tourists. Worth the wait, though. Their North End Brick Oven Pizza is to die for. This was taken with dad’s Model 230, just after sunset, with a very slow shutter speed, handheld. The shutter clicked twice, attempting to let light in, resulting in quite a long exposure.

Regina Pizzeria, Boston, Massachusetts

Regina Pizzeria, Boston, Massachusetts

Earlier in the day, a visit to nearby St. Leonard’s Church, built in 1873, and the 1st Roman Catholic Church in New England which was built by Italian immigrants. Beautiful.

St. Leonard's Church, Boston, Massachusetts

This final shot was also taken at St. Leonard’s. It is the little Peace Garden, off of Hanover Street. What appears to be ivy is actually a canvas backdrop, which photographed beautifully in textured, tone-rich Polaroid black and white. And looks genuine.

St. Leonard's Church Peace Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

St. Leonard's Church Peace Garden, Boston, Massachusetts


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