Making Room For The New Addition To My (Polaroid) Family

On Friday, had just jumped out of the shower, and the doorbell rang. It was the mailman, delivering the long-awaited Polaroid Big Shot that was won in an online auction. Goodwill in Ft. Myers, Florida sat on it for 2 weeks, as the impatience grew worse. Never have I wanted to obtain, and shoot with, a Polaroid camera this much. Yes, Andy Warhol’s favorite. Later this week, a full review is planned. But for now, reorganization of the camera shelves, which house about 20 cameras, was necessary.

Make Room For The Big Shot

Make Room For The Big Shot

Ok, inventory time. A Polaroid OneStep Express, Spectra First Edition, Model 240, (2) Model 230’s, and the Hasselblad 500cm up top. Next, the Nikon’s-D300, FE2 with motor drive, F80, and F3HP with motor drive. Swinging on either side, the Colorpack 2, and SquareShooter 2. Next, more Polaroid madness- a 600, the PIC-300, Model 80B, and SX-70 Sonar. Flanked by the Nikon D40, and the Harry Potter camera, the Argus C-3. That’s a Tamrac backpack for the D300, and a tripod to the right of the case. Down below, three vintage Polaroid Land Camera leather cases, a Polaroid case repurposed for the PIC-300, and now, the Polaroid Big Shot, which in some collections, may just be big enough for its own shelf-

"You had to be a Big Shot, didn't cha, all your friends were so knocked out"- Billy Joel

"You had to be a Big Shot, didn't cha, all your friends were so knocked out"- Billy Joel

Next up, an in-depth breakdown of this wild camera, easily the most eccentric, quirky, and, most amazing camera Polaroid ever marketed to the average consumer. The results are truly breathtaking.

6 thoughts on “Making Room For The New Addition To My (Polaroid) Family

  1. Arthur, clearly with your Polaroid addiction, you don’t need that Nikon F3HP anymore. I will gladly take it off your hands. 😉

    • Ha! Thanks, but no. I got the F3HP from a dealer in Manchester, who sold it to me with the leather everready case, motor drive, flash, and 135mm f/2.8 prime, for $100. It was a steal- much too great to resist. it is in instrument, yet you could likely also pound nails with the thing.

      My Nikons still come out of hiding on occasion!


  2. i can’t leave mine out like that, between the dust and the cat hair….each of mine has a bag and they are hanging around the place, ready to be used…
    but that Hasselblad makes me drool

    • Oh, they all have bags, too. But, they need to be ready to use. And lens pens, anti static dust cloths, etc, are so easy to use.

      Later this year, I plan to do an article on the Hasseblad, and Polaroid back photography with it.

  3. Is this the shelf you were talking about? And I wanted to ask which one is the Harry Potter, and what’s that little one on the second bottom shelf to the right of the Nikon.
    you have a very nice display, I would never be able to do that with the cats messing around.

    • Thanks. Third shelf, far right. it is an Argus. I have never seen a Potter film, or read a book, but his friend shoots with an Argus in the 2nd film. This summer, I plan on experimenting with it, cameras other than Polaroid, and giving the Hasselblad a second summer of fun. Just added a Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash to the mix, as well as a Polaroid 800, which is more for show than anything else.


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